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Why isn't my phone powering on even after I've replaced the battery?

I've held every button to do multiple type of resets and nothing shows up not even the red charge light when I plug my power card in

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What is the model number of the phone?

How long have you had the phone?

Has it been dropped or got wet at all?


I'm not sure what the model number is but the model is(Power) Ulefone Power battery is 6050mah. And nope never dropped it just regular use and it went out. Funny because I sent it back one other time for the same thing, it just stopped working. Again, I held all the buttons and no lights come on as if some sort of power supply is out.


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Nymic try disconnecting the battery and checking the connectors for dirt lint or anything else that could interrupt the power flow. Clean with IP alcohol and a soft toothbrush . While the battery is disconnected hold the power button down for 60 seconds to drain any residual power from the mem. Then reconnect the battery making sure the contacts are connected correctly and charge the phone without turning on the phone . DO NOT attempt to start the phone before charging the battery for a normal charge cycle. Leave it on the charger for a day just for good measure. Then try to start the phone . Hope this helps

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I've cleaned it and even a few other areas a little and put it back, held the button for 60 sec then reconnected it. I've waited over night with it charge and nothing happened. Not even the red charging light popped up. It seems like something internal is fried but I didn't see any visual damage. This is weird, it just stopped working out of the blue.


Hi @nymic

Have you tried connecting it to a different charger e.g. a PC, just to see if it indicates that it is charging?


Yeah. Before when I charged it, when I got the new battery the phone was hot, so there was some type of response to charging. But there was still no type of indication. Thanks anyway. I'm just probably gonna let the phone sit off somewhere.


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Hello I have the same problem. Did you find any solution? I would like to chat wit you to explain further my problem ,I have ulefone power 2 , please reply to me asap

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