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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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How do I replace/repair the DSi Slot-1 card socket?

After frequent use of the slot(swapping cartridges), one or more of the metal strips which make contact to the cartridge's metal strips on the inside of the slot has bended thus making the DSi unable to read cards, and when inserting a new card, there are times where the bended strip(s) would touch others and cause the DSi to shut off. There's also a chance that inserting a card will bend the bended strip in until it breaks, which already happened to one of them on mine. How would I go about removing and replacing the Slot-1 card socket with a new one I will buy from eBay or removing the cover over the slot to be able to bend back the strips?

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follow any of the guides on the right to open the bottom part of your dsi and expose motherboard. you'll then be able to see the game slot- the metal cover is soldered at each o its 4 corners to the motherboard, and each of the pins of game slot is soldered at the rear to the motherboard! it's a fiddly job, you'll need a fine tip soldering iron, desoldering flux cable and the replacement parts.

take a look at this pic to see what i mean-Nintendo DSi Motherboard Replacement (step 9)

any way... desolder the 4 corners, then desolder each of the pins (?16), you should then be able to remove old/damaged game slot. put new slot in, solder individual pins to their spots, solder cover on.... done.

hope this helps. when i bought my ds slot on ebay it came with guide, solder and desolder flux.

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I want to know what all the 16 pins do so I can hook it up to my computer or tv so can some tell me what every pin does?


Btw this is for the slot 1 ds game reader


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