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DVD recorder/player suddenly not reading discs.

Re: My Panasonic DMR EA14 DVD recorder and player: DVD discs I've recorded & finalized myself on the Panasonic, & watched many times, suddenly not able to read/play. Error message: "Unsupportable Disc." Discs DO playback on my MacBook, & the Panasonic IS playing store-bought, pre-recorded DVD's. Also, suddenly having some difficulty recording on discs with previous recordings on them & plenty of recording time left. Hope someone can help. Thanks very much. - Julie

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my Panasonic recorder, DMR-EZ45V , suddenly can not read DVD discs , any suggestions how could I repair it myself ?.

Many thanks in advance

Mati Basis

0208 444 7833


I have the same problem with my Philips DVDR 3355 :(

any suggestions? I cleaned the laser head but still the same


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Try to clean it with dvd cleaner disc

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Thank you very much. I will try that.


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My Deawoo is the same - one month after warranty ran out. Will not recognise even some pre-recorded discs , and cleaning with "Laser Head Cleaning Disc" does not work. I took it apart and wiped the laser head gently with optical cleaning fluid - still the same. I think must be some electronic fault, which is too expensive at repair shop - so just buy another! (Second hand ones are cheap)

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Could be a simple mechanical/dirty grease pb, see my post here :

will only paly home burned DVDs

(or maybe http , no "s")

sorry, I have to go for now ;-)

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