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Model A1286. Released February 2011 / 2.0, 2.2, or 2.3 GHz Quad-core Intel Core i7 Processor

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Black screen on startup | No startup sound | Caps lock light works.

It seems like my baby is dead :-( I've done some changes over the years with this laptop and up until now it has remained faithfull.

Changes I've done:

- Removed the dvd drive and replaced it with an 250 GB SSD drive. (2013)

- Removed the hard drive and replaced it with a 1000 GB SSD drive. (2016)

- Upgraded RAM to 16 GB twice (The first replacement RAM stopped working after a while). (2016 - last change)

- Apple changed the mother board when they tried to locate the problem with the RAM not working. They thought that was the problem, but it was not. (2016)

- Replaced the Airport/Bluetooth cable (2016).

Considering all the changes I've done I was hoping to get some help as I intend to keep this laptop alive a bit longer.

Any clue on what to do?

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Amazing! It worked! Thanks!


It seems like something is not as it should be though. Take a look at the video I uploaded here: As you can see a thick line appears above the login picture after I entered the password. It seems like a crash and a restart crashes but I´m not sure. Any idea why I´m getting this? And how can it be fixed?


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I watched the video. I don't think that line is a big issue. I've seen on computers that went on to work normally, and I've seen it on computers with a VGA issue.

Going back to your laptop (it seems you have a mat screen or a high-res?), the 2011 is infamous for its VGA failures, so much so that Apple launched an extended warranty program for them and kept replacing the boards that fail some specific video tests for free until end of 2016.

I think your laptop has this disease, and unfortunately has showed it one month too late.

You will have confirmation of this issue returns.

Less likely, there is also the possibility that your laptop was updating firmware and bios, in which case it seems to hang on a black screen for a long time. If it happens again, leave it for some time. See if it evolves into a normal startup. I've seen it before, but with back-light and no display. It was installing the updates.

I've also seen it beep at start-up then "hang" for some time when installing SMC firmware. It also looked bad and some people tend to force shut down at this point. Don't. Give it some time.

In summary, I mostly suspect VGA issue and it will come back.

To a much lesser proportion, I suspect it was hanging on an update.

In all cases, keep back-up in case you have an SSD corruption from failed update - just in case, though that would be the least likely.

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Have you reseated the display connector? Reseat it, then do a NVRAM reset (hold down Cmd+Opt+P+R on startup), and if that doesn't fix it, try an SMC reset.

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