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Device and repair information for the Dell XPS 13 laptop models 9343 and 9350, which were both released in 2015.

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Loosen hinge I tried tightening the screws

Guys please help my xps 13 hinge is extremely loose i tried tightening the screws but it doesn't do anything.....

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Here is a link to the service manual for a Dell XPS 13.

It shows that the hinge screws screw into the palmrest assembly. It seems as though the threaded screwhole(s) may be stripped. Most likely you will have to replace the entire palmrest assembly.

If you scroll to p.82 in the manual it details the necessary pre-requisites and then the procedure to remove/replace the palmrest.

Here is a link to some suppliers of the palmrest assembly. It is not a recommendation to buy from them. It is shown just to give you an idea of the cost of the part. There are others online that may suit you better.

Also to ensure that you get the correct part, in laptops, notebooks etc., usually the part number is stamped on the underside of the component (part). If you search online using just the number you should get results for suppliers. Obviously you would have to dis-assemble the unit to remove the palmrest to see the number.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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The screws that hold the hinge to the screen were loose for me. Make sure you check them if the screws holding the hinges to the base are tight.


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