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GSM iPad 2 with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage, and a Dual Core A5 Processor. Model Number A1396. Repair is complicated and requires heat and prying.

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metal casing repair (bottom edge) after fall damage


bought an ipad 2 for repairs after it sustanied a fall. screen glass was shattered, home button broken wifi antenna cable torn, but works quite fine. (had to user paper clip to trigger home button contacts a wifi hotspot from phone placed on the device)

there is an evident indent on the bottom in the metal casing. with a slighty moved edges, which will probably pose problem to the replacement digitizer.

anyone has experience with this kind of repairs....felt kinda weird taking hammer into the hand :). probably will have to remodelate the glass with hot knife or some kind of mini-grinder

Block Image


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If you could attach a picture, that would be very helpful.

Normally, I would not work on the "frame" with the glass in place, otherwise you risk cracking the glass (digitizer). Ideally, you should remove the digitizer, re-shape the frame and then re-install the digitizer. You could follow this guide to remove the digi.

In a perfect world, you would remove the glass without breaking it. However, if it's not done correctly (insufficient heat) it will break. The opposite is also true...too much heat can damage the board.

In the guide there are links to the parts you will need. To reshape the frame, I like to use this tool with a small hammer.

Be careful, the aluminum housing can break very easily. iPads are much harder to fix properly than iPhones. Consider you skill and experience level and how much you want to learn versus how much you want to spend.

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Thank you.already desattached the shattered glass before. Just to do the repairs with the hammer i will have to probably remove all parts from inside, which i was reluctant to do


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