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Do I need external USB driver to get USB interfaced here?


Now I have a hub controller USB2517-JZX-TR. I want to know if I need external USB driver to get USB interfaced with this controller? Is it inbuilt in the controller? I am new to this kind of interfacing.

Any answers will be appreciated.Thanks!

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What you have in your link is a raw interface chip not a complete working USB hub. As an example the blue outlined chip:

Block Image

So in its self it won't do anything unless you are replacing a burnt chip in a logic board. Then, it must match what you are taking out.

As you didn't elaborate on what you are doing here no one can answer your question.

Is this a PC logic board that is having problems which is why you are replacing the chip? Or are you looking for a hub to plug in your USB devices into to then connect into your system? Please fill us in so we can better answer your question.

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Oh, thank you very much!

I'm really new to these things..maybe I should read more relevant materials first!


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