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Repair guides and support for LED, LCD, HD and other Vizio TVs.

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volume varies up and down

volume goes very high and low.

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Have you checked in the Audio section of the TV Menu to see if the volume leveling setting is turned OFF?

Do not know if this setting is available to you as you didn't specify the model number of your TV.

Here is a link that explains what to do. (if you have it that is)

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Wow thank you it worked on my Vizio!!!


I did a factory reset by holding the Bluetooth and volume down button down at the same time for 5 seconds and it solved the problem. YAY. I was living with this for far too long. lol


Thank you so so so so much! I had to watch TV with my phone in my hand because I had to ALWAYS turn volume up and down. This issue was so freaking unbearable!!!!! Thank you!


Thanks for the tip. I was ready to buy a new Vizio sound bar for $228. The volume would just suddenly skip to its loudest mode.

Paul McCarthy


Wow thank you so much. Thought my TV was breakin down.


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I had the same problem. The problem in my case was my Firestick. The firestick remote was malfunctioning and constantly turning the volume up. Took the batteries out of the remote and voila!

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