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A 10-inch tablet co-created by Google and Samsung for the Nexus product line.

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Screen centre less reactive after battery exchange


I just changed my nexus 10 battery following the Ifixit guide (excellent once again!) and after reassembly, I noticed that that when I slide my finger on the screen, it is much less reactive in the center (and only in the center, the sides work perfectly).

Is it possible that I plugged back something in an incorrect way?

Thanks for your your help!

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As most touchscreens have some sort of grid network arrangement to identify the "location" of the touch it may be that when you removed the touchscreen flex cable before removing the battery, and then when you reinserted the cable after replacing the battery, that you accidentally touched the cable end with your fingers leaving a film on a section of the cable end. This film may be resistive to electrical current and may make the touchscreen seem less responsive.

Obviously this is conjecture on my part but as you imply that it worked OK before the change but not so after this may be the reason.

What you need to do is open the tablet and remove the flex cable from the connector again and gently clean the connector end (the bit that slides into the connector on the systemboard or whichever end you removed) with Isopropyl Alcohol +90% and a QTip (ensure the QTip leaves no 'threads' as some seem to do) and then after it has dried, reinsert it into the connector and see if this restores it to normal operation. Take special care that you do not touch the flex cable ends again with your fingers when doing this or when reinserting them or alternatively use lint free gloves.

Here is a link which describes how touchscreens work.

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thanks for your answer!

What you mention is very possible, I think I recall touching the end part of the screen cable to reconnect it, I didn't know that it was risky to touch them directly! (which is probably something worth mentionning in the guide(s)?)

I'll try what you mention (I'll have to get new opening plastic tools since mine are getting quite worn out) and let you know. do you know if it is possible to replace isopropyl alchohol by 90° ethanol or by any other product easier to find here in France?



Interesting that Isopropyl Alcohol 90%+ is hard for you to find as it is readily available here in Australia in most pharmacies (drug stores, chemist shops - I don't know what you call them in France).

Try getting a product known as "rubbing alcohol". This is also Isopropyl Alcohol but usually only about 70% (check label) but it is better than nothing and as I have used it in the past I know that it works as well

The recommendation for IPA 90%+ is usually because it as it is more effective, especially in dispelling water and moisture, which in your case is not the problem.

Sorry I cannot be of further help in this matter but would hate to recommend something that I know nothing about.

I have read that Ethonal is very harsh on plastics so that may be something to be aware of.

If you cannot find anything just gently rub the end of the cable a few times, in one direction only with a lint free cloth. As it was possibly only the residue off your fingers it should wipe off and leave it smear free so to speak.


It might not be that hard, but when checking ont he internet, it seemed that people had difficulties finding that...

Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks again


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