The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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New IC Chip - does it need to be programmed?


I got an iPhone 5s which always shows me error 4005 in iTunes and isn't able to restore. I found many solutions to this problem which I will try out in the following days but the most common and most complicated solution is that the IC chip either needs to be reflowed / reballed or to be replaced completely.

My first question is: Is it possible to find out whether the IC is still alright so that it just needs to be reballed instead of being replaced completely?

Besides this there are a lot of videos on the internet that show people replacing the IC just as it is, without programming the new chip in advance or anything. But in here I read that the new IC needs to be pre-programmed to run properly with the phone and you can't just replace it without doing that.

So will the iPhones from the people in the videos just not work in the end or how is it possible they don't pre-program the new IC's? And some of the logic boards from the people's phones seemed to be from iPhone 5's too, so its not older phones or anything.

And my last question is, could you program the new IC by yourself or do you need special tools to do that? Please don't just tell me to bring the phone to a repair shop - even if its too hard of an operation to do by myself I would really like to know what exactly is the hard part so I can decide by myself.

I'm greatful for every answer!

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Which ic are you planning on reprogramming?


I found this answer, searching for a solution:

"Im not sure if they can be reprogrammed this way on an iPhone 5, but on the 5S you have to force DFU mode (and i mean force! instructions here: and restore the device from a mac. The ic gets reprogrammed during the nand repartitioning (on a 5s or newer, again, im not sure about the 5) using the information from the CPU and Baseband CPU."

To me that sounds kind of easy.. If I understand it right you just place the new IC on the logic board and before using the iPhone you just need to restore it so the new chip gets kind of adapted to the other chips. Or did I get that wrong?


The U2 IC if that's the right description


That's actually a good question. It's something that I've been playing with, and haven't successfully gotten a nand off, without damaging the board. In theory, you just have to replace the nand, with a new one, and the phone will have all that memory, from the new nand. There were some videos of guys in China, replacing this and two other chips, to do this, but it was said that they, all three, had to come from a donor phone. I'm still wondering if I can just replace the nand, and it would be fine


@refectio can we get your opinion on this?


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4005 is a nand error, you need ipbox v2 or similar nand programmer, you need a hot air rework station, soldering iron, bga reballing stencils, microscope, solder paste etc etc. In short its vastly cheaper to buy another phone, especially seeing how cheap an iphone 5s is now.

You can try putting a lot of pressure on the nand with your finger and then booting the phone, this works now and again, and will tell you if its broken solder balls. The problem is this doesnt help you at all. If its cracked solder balls or bad nand you still have to remove it. You can reflow the nand with a hot air rework station, but you need to know what you are doing, plus if the contacts on the board or the nand are badly oxidised this wont do a lot.

I have an iphone 6 in at the moment that had error 40, I reflowed the nand and it did nothing, so I removed the nand with hot air and tested it in my nand programmer and the nand is bad, if it had been good I could have just reballed it and re soldered it to the board, but without a nand programmer you have no idea if the nand is good or bad and you would be just wasting your time even if you did manage to remove the nand without frying the board.

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Thanks for clarifying.


Oh thanks, I didn't know it could be a nand error.

To be honest with you, I bought the broken iPhone on purpose because I thought I could fix the error. I found this guide online and as I already already replaced parts in iPhones before, I thought there were good chances I could make it. I'm just starting to realize that soldering and all that stuff is a whole different thing and you need much practice not to damage your phone doing it. I just hope one of the other 10 steps will heal the phone - otherwise I'm going to resell it again as broken.


If you open the itunes update log you can read exactly where it dies and what it is doing, but im pretty sure its going to be bad nand.


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