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Eighth generation of the Mazda Protege.

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10 wire harness on driver side strut under the hood

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Under my hood there is a 10 wire harness on the back of my strut. It has 2 ground wires on a bracket as well as the harness. What are the wires on the harness and why would any of them get hot and melt? What all do they go to?

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Drew collier post some images of your wiring harness. You did not tell us from where the harness comes and where it goes. It is difficult to identify it and anything at this point will be a guess. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question to post some images. you also want to tell us what year your Mazda is and what engine size as well as transmission type (AT/MT)


Its a 1999 with a 1.6 and a MT


Drew collier give us a better picture of the wires entering the connector. That may help determining which wire is what.


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Drew collier , Not positive but could be the wires for charging/starting system. I will post a link to schematic for Protege for you to reference the color of wires from to see exactly what they are for. 2nd link is to be for a downloadable service manual with schematics also just scroll down to Service Manual (PDF) [50MB] download at your own risk. The wire possibly got hot and melted due to a short, wire insulation may have deteriorated, mouse/animal may have chewed on them, if you had to turn/crank engine over excessively(too long) wires could melt, etc. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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What dies the 3rd wire from the left go to?


I looked at the schematics and couldn't figure it out


Drew, all I can tell you is, that harness is a central grounding point, if you see the wire is burnt/damaged at the plug it is probably from poor contact and corrosion. Any ground wires in that harness you see dirty/burnt/corroded, snip wire off, strip back insulation 1/4" to get clean wire, crimp on a new connector and use a self tapping metal screw to reconnect the repaired wire to the metal body around the same location. See link below for connector type which can be purchased at any automotive supply or hardware store.


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