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Wifi problems; bad range

Hi, recently I bought ASUS K556UA-XX293D laptop for my girlfriend. I installed Win 10 64bit and also installed all drivers that came with ASUS CD. The problem that has occured is that laptop has very low wifi reception. If I have laptop connected to internet via cable is all good, but if I want to have it on WiFi, the reception is truly bad (one or two signal bars, standing next to router.) I tried unistalling LAN driver (Atheros Qualcomm qca9377). I downloaded driver directly from your webpage and later directly from qualcomm, but it doesn't help. All my other devices have good signal except this new laptop. Also I found on your support page, that in router settings Enable SSID Broadcast should be enabled, which I also have.

My question is which driver would work with laptop, or if this might be internal error and replacement of laptop is needed.

With regards,


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Here is a link to the latest Asus Win 10 drivers.

Scroll down to the WLAN driver section and download the driver applicable to your WLAN network card and driver series.

Take notice of the Notes at the top of the page on how to install the driver.

Suggest that perhaps you should uninstall the WLAN driver and then restart your laptop and then let Windows find your WLAN card again. This way you should have removed any old driver entries and start afresh. Then if Windows asks for drivers you have them ready to install.

Do not be tempted to install any other hardware drivers at this stage. If it is working OK leave it alone.

How is the BT (Bluetooth)? Is it OK? I ask because it shares the same aerial as the WiFi.

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Good point @jayeff that lot of users don't use recommended drivers by vendor and this can cause problems such this. But I think that this will be some problem in RX/TX part of WiFi module itself or maybe antenna cables are not connected to the module properly. So quick test with USB flags Live Linux to be sure if it's Windows Drivers related problem or not and then - tear it down! :)


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Your problem with WiFi looks more like a hardware failure than software/driver issue ... yes ... you should start your troubleshooting with drivers because wrong driver can cause many issues - especially if you use driver which is not offered by vendor of the notebook - in your case ASUS. Experimenting with drivers not recommended by vendor can be performed only after you fix your problem with radio - simply: Make it work purely as described in original documentation to simply verify if you're facing to some bigger problem or not. Simply follow these steps:

1. Download and create some Linux Live USB Boot Flash (or CD from ISO if you have CD-ROM only and doesn't have appropriate USB Flash Disk). I recommend some version of Live Ubuntu for this purposes - this can be done using actual OS or you can prepare it on different machine.

2. Restart your laptop and boot your Linux Live distribution and wait until it starts - in case of Ubuntu your laptop will start and Linux desktop will appear on the screen. Now you should be able to check your WiFi - all drivers (and especially for WiFi) are already included in your Live Linux. If you will see the WiFi card and if you will be able to connect your WiFi network, check if the problem with radio and sensitivity still persists. If not, the problem is somewhere else because in case of problem with Win driver, this Linux driver cannot have the same problem. Just only in case that your wireless interface won't be visible in Linux Live the problem can be with missing driver on Linux Live - very rare.

3. In case that Live Linux will work without any problems, try to restore your notebook to factory default from installation image - should be on your HDD if you didn't do re-partitioning (only if you bought your notebook with OEM Windows OS pre-installed). This image contains all necessary drivers and tools which can be pretty old but still must work (you can update drivers, etc. by actual versions from support pages maintained by ASUS but before that please check if your WiFi works or not). In case that your problem will persist, it will be probably related to hardware (wireless card, antena, etc.).

4. Check cables connected to your WiFi module... In case that it won't work, replace the module by different one or try this module in different notebook. There is a possibility that the output of RX/TX part is broken so everything is working, but radio part of your WiFi module doesn't work.

From my point of view: I think that this is HW failure... Maybe just crappy WiFi module, or something like this, but this is strange behavior... Keep focus on testing by proposed Live Linux OS - it's the easiest way how to check it. WISH YOU THE BEST!

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just switch RX/TX WiFi antenna cables.

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I had the same problem on my ASUS X555 model. ‘WIFI analyzer’ was showing 25dB lower signal level compared to second similar laptop in same location. If you are comfortable with minor repairs, just unscrew the back panel, pop it off, and you will see the WLAN module on a connector. In my case the 2 mini RF cables popped off the module connectors at same time. I put them back in place and taped them down, then WIFI levels were up by 25dB.

Even with the cables disconnected, the pins on the module RF connectors are still able to pick up signal, but they will be 25-30dB lower than if connected. Equates to roughly 8-10m of added path loss.

Block Image

Block Image

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