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How do I clean dust from my fan and vents

I have an overheating problem and may need a new fan but I am told that I need to blow out the fan vents and may actually have to take out the fan and clean it to solve the problem rather than replace it. How do you do this?

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Get some compressed air from like an office store (or Walmart) in the electronics department and blow out the dust with the air if its still over heating see if there are strange sounds coming from the fans if so you probable have a bad fan bearing and if you hear nothing the fan may have died (make sure to be running something prossesor intensive such as "geek bench" or "fur mark" as many computers dont need the fans on when idling or doing non intensive tasks) and you can open it up and blow out the dust as well

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Also if you take the fan out Q-tips and alcohol to clean the blades


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