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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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I can't get front panel off-tools too soft

Short background-

This was replacement for H2O damaged one. I tried to replace LCD after this one ALSO had H2O damage. Could not do in UK, so went to an iPod repair centre to do the job. Cost about 50% retail. Oh well. I had taken the front panel off to try myself. They were weird about that and only agreed to repair if it was without warranty.

Two months later, the battery died.

I read the manifesto.

I can do this, I said. So I ordered the parts. Here they are! i am so happy to take control of the situation.

Block Image

I try the green opener. I get it sort of in and start to pry towards edge, up under glass. The tool bends and a bit of plastic breaks off. Wha...? I try the spludger that came with it. Same problem. Picture stinks, but maybe you can see how ends are broken.

Block Image

I can't recall how I opened it in August, but i think with a small phillips screwdriver. I try this. With one small pry, poof! Screen spiderwebs. My heart sinks. This sucks.

Block Image

So, did I use tools wrong, or are they that soft?

Should screen have splintered so fast?

Is it possible that ipod repair centre in UK did something to clips to make them harder to open? Glue or something?

Could the front panel glass be stressed from earlier repair?

Is it worth trying to replace battery AND front panel?

Now that the glass is broken, can I get it off? How? Will splinters get into the internal part?

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Here's a link to some of the different tools that others use on the iPods: What alternative iPod opening tools have worked for you?

Here's some more: Other ways inside iPod

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research +


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I ended up using a guitar pick. I bought tow of varying thickness. I also went back to using my small regular screwdriver since the glass was already broken.

I still can not imagine the plastic opening tool could successfully open the front cover. They just bend so easily at the point of trying to insert them. A video showing someone doing this would be nice.

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plastic opening tools being sold in here are made from much more durable plastic, than those you can get from anywhere else. elsewhere, they sell cheap chinese imitation, here you can get genuine tools. bit pricey, considering postage and stuff, but at the end of the day, worth the money. i still am using tools i bought over a year age, an they look almost the same.


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