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Repair guides and support for smaller headsets that rest on top of the ear, also known as supra-aural headphones.

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I feel bad sound when I mowe right cup of my headphones on my ears

I have planar- magnetic driver in my headphones (Audeze Sine), and in two months of Using I can hear disturbing sound in my right cup it wasn't happening in the past, but now I can hear it, please film something about that or help me anyway with my lovely headphones)

Проблема в том, что я начал слышать лишние звуки при среднем или сильном касании правой чашки наушников, на звук не влияет, но иногда слишком при ходьбе на улице, интересно что система планарно- магнитная и наушники премиум класса, потому спрашиваю у вас

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I have the Audeze El8 and my only issues was the cord would break after a while and I would lose my stereo left or right, I would be super gentle but the connection to the ear cups would cut out for apparently no reason, no visible damage would occur. Twisting the cord ever so slightly would bring back intermittent sound. In the end I had to send it to the company multiple times. I would have a problem diagnosing the exact location for me to fix myself, it is a flat stereo connection cord that I loved but no idea what to do……I have only owned one pair of Audeze planar magnetic and when they work its heaven…… would be a dream to fix this issues myself.

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