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The Samsung Galaxy Tabs are Samsung's flagship tablets that compete with iPads.

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Why Isn't my tablet turning on?

Okay, so this morning I dropped my tablet, while getting out of my car and it fell on the ground and cracked slightly. I could still use it, however. The touch ability worked and everything worked as normal, just that it had a crack at the corner and across it. So then later this evening it suddenly turned off?? Like it wont even respond when I put it for charge or touch the home screen button??

Also, I don't know if this is going to be helpful, but a few minutes before the tablet turned off I had put it on top of the laundry basket. The clothes weren't really that wet, but I don't know if somehow the screen is extremely sensitive to water and it seeped through the cracks and damaged the tablet further or something??

Please respond!!

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i think i would like you to charge your tablet for 30 min and make sure you see the charge is coming to tablet .

than press the power key and hold for like 40-50 sec and wait see if this turn on . t think charger socket may be broken . try opening the tablet using ifixit tools and see if you check the charger socket .

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