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Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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it is not connected by wifi

I have HP LAPTOP G5 245 and it is not connected by wifi

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Is the WiFi turned on?

Can you 'see' any WiFi networks which to connect to?

Have you checked in Device Manager that the WiFi is working OK?

What OS is installed in your laptop?


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use USB WiFi adapter and i assure you it will work perfectly :)

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Of all the solid-state components in a laptop, WiFi cards seem to be one of the most failure-prone.

I've replaced Mini-PCI and mini-PCIe wifi cards going back to my Dell Inspiron Notebook with a Pentium 4 CPU.

If it's under warranty, contact HP, otherwise, usually one of the panels on the underside of the notebook will allow you access to the wifi card slot

Make sure you get one that is the same interface and physical size. It's probably going to be mini-PCIe, but there are both short and long versions that use the same connector. sometimes "Short" cards are attached to a metal bracket to extend the mounting points like a "Long" card.

Google image search will help you distinguish form factors and lengths.

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