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Trackpad press & clicks mechanically OK but no UI action

The trackpad does press, click and make the sound but there is no response on the UI. I can set the Trackpad Preferences to "Tap to Click" and it works w/o the mechanical action. I read about battery swelling and the adjustment screw on the bottom of the trackpad, but these don't do the trick. So does this sound like the trackpad needs replacement? Any other thoughts?

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I would take the trackpad out of the computer, and test it that way so that the casing doesn't interfere with the clicking. There will be a tiny bubble-looking button at the bottom of the trackpad. Connect the trackpad back to the computer while it is out of the casing, and test the trackpad by clicking the little button with a fingernail. If it clicks, then there is an issue with the casing interfering with the trackpad clicking, I would play around a bit more with the screw, and clean out any junk that got trapped in there with a damp cloth/q-tips. If it still doesn't work, then it could either be an issue with the trackpad, the trackpad flex, or very rarely, the circuity inside the motherboard.

You can test for this issue with a multimeter, but for now I would just try to diagnose it to see whether it's just an easy fix :)

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