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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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car will not shift?

i have a 1998 Honda accord ex coupe 4 cylinder f22b1 that has been converted to a manual and we did not know until a few months after i bought the car and there's been problems with it time after time but this time my car will not shift and mechanic recently fixed it i can put it into all gears and it wont go anywhere but the car starts just fine the mechanic also said the clutch was fine so i don't know why else the car will not move while in gear i am also 19 and i do not have much money so i am looking if there's a easy way to work on this i worked on Toyota mostly so i do not know much about Honda that is why i am asking.

and another reason i am asking is so i can sell it and buy a better car u cant get money out of a non moving vehicle but if i can get it moving again i can get a little more out of it

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Most likely you must have to change: "Shift Forks" and "Shift Fork's Guide Bars" located in the transmission.

If a friend does it for you it will be relative inexpensive although you will need to buy new gaskets & sealant to re assemble the transmission.

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When you put it in gear and let out the clutch does it make any noise ,eg, grinding ,growling ,gnashing?

Does the speedometer indicate anything when its in gear?

are both drive shafts intact/ turning??

Does the car roll /push when the gears engaged and clutch out (handbrake off)?

If all tests are satisfactory

it seems your gearbox may have failed

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yeah doesnt make a noise. the car will rev but it will roll very slowly


Apply the hand brake and chock a rear wheel ,put the gearbox in any gear, jack up one wheel and try to turn it, if it turns, remove or inspect gearbox

pull out the drive shafts and inspect for damage

suggest replace with one from dismantlers


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