The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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What would cause the display to stop working?

This MacBook has gone under no physical damages or significant drops. I upgraded this machine on Oct 30, 2016 to: macOS 10.12.1 (1682555) / Kernel Version: Darwin 16.1.0.

This issue first popped up last week. The display of the Macbook does not display anything before boot so I don't believe it's limited to an OS setting. You can see the backlight is turned on and the Apple logo on the back will illuminate. You can even use the function keys to power up/down the backlight and see the changes.

I tried doing some troubleshooting such as plugging a secondary display and using that, which works. I can see the Apple boot screen when the lid is closed but when the lid is open I have to wait until the OS loads to see the login screen.

I have tried resetting the NVRAM which some users claimed fixed their issue, accomplished this with the Command-Option-P-R upon boot up and releasing when the next start-up chime goes off. I have also tried resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) with SHIFT + Ctrl + Option(alt) + power.

I entered Apple Diagnostics with Option-D and the results were, "There may be an issue with the display". Error Code:VFD002

I can't find any articles showing any significant troubleshooting steps to take thus far so I turned to iFixIt as I really don't want to take to Apple, it is out of warranty.

When I was connected to an external display, I took a fresh Time Machine backup. I then ran OS X Recovery and installed the OS fresh (not from Time Machine). It went through the recovery and the built-in screen came back! The Apple boot screen loaded and it took me to setting up the Mac. I started filling in the information and when I tried to get to the desktop, it froze and all I saw was a grey background and the mouse cursor which wasn't frozen. I restarted the computer and it still only showed this grey screen. Then, I went to OS X Recovery and installed from the backup I had created. This went without a hitch and got me looking at the OS just as I had it before, but the screen went out exactly the same way the next day.

Any ideas of what I could do now? It seems as though doing the OS X Recovery is only a temporary solution. And unfortunately, I do not have a current older Time Machine backup for this machine and its used for Media Creation (obviously haha).

Sorry for the long winded description of this issue, and any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Sadly, this series system uses the Haswell intergraded graphics processor, which I suspect has failed.

From what you state the backlight services are functioning and the display it's self is working. That brings it down to a logic board issue.

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Flat Rate Repair on this one?


I think I will try to make my way to a Genius bar and see how much they'll charge me for this repair. If it's too much, I may end up doing it myself. If they give me a clear estimate I will post back. Doubt its a flat rate though, knowing Apple..


so how is the end ?


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