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Built-in Beats Audio™ delivers uncompromised, studio-quality sound for your music, videos and gameplay. It’s a powerful all-round performer too, with dual-core power, a brilliant four-inch, crisp display and a class-leading camera

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on/off and volume buttons don't work

Bad connection inside buttons, how do I, clean/repair this?

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Just to clarify, is your phone not turning on at all? Or is it an intermittent issue?

To test whether it's your power button or another issue, remove your charged up battery and insert it in. If it is the power button that's the issue, (and not the board), then the phone will turn on anyway. If it doesn't turn on, then you may have another issue.

We don't have a HTC Desire X repair guide yet, and I'm guessing the power and volume are real buttons, not touch capacitive. May have to wait for that, or you may have to teardown yourself and replace it with the part. I've found the power button here.

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