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The ZTE Speed is a full keyboard touchscreen smartphone powered by Android.

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My phone turns on but it doesn't let me do anything

I can turn my phone on but it won't let me do anything! What can I do? Ps: it's a ZTE

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i can't even unlock my phone or do any games or go online


same it wont let me do nothing


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First try to factory reset your device (this will erase all your personal data!).

1. Hold down the power button to switch off the device.

2. Press and hold the Volume down and the Power buttons.

3. When the phone entered the Android System Recovery menu release the buttons.

4. Use the volume Up and Volume Down buttons and the Power button and select:

wipe data/factory reset, Yes--delete all data, reset device

If this not help you you have a hardware problem, most likely touch screen problem and you need a replacement.

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I did this hack with guided access and my dumb self seen it on tik tok, it was supposed to lock the app you were on so someone else couldnt snoop around on your phone, when you press the home button three times. instead of setting a password i wamted to use my touch id but it wouldnt work. so i shut off my phone but it wouldnt let me swipe so i held the home button until i got to my lock screen, now im locked out of my phone and it wont let me type my password.

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my phone well turn on but won’t let me type in my password and it dd this for a week but if finally let me back on but now i can’t

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