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Repair and disassembly guides for electronic keyboards.

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keys don't make sound Solved

I have a Yamaha PSR-210 electronic keyboard. The sound doesn't work. Is it worth repairing? I'm not sure how to trouble shoot to fix this? Does asking a question cost to get your answer?

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i have a problem kind of similiar, except mine only has one key that doesnt work


cherylynn13 "Does asking a question cost to get your answer?" NOPE! all free help here. Welcome to ifixit :-)


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cherylynn13 first make sure that everything is hooked up correctly. Common mistake on this one seems to be that the sustain pedal gets plugged into the headphone jack, so check for that. If that is okay, you do want to use a pair of headphone and plug those in. If you get sound on those you may have issue with a bad headphone jack or the speakers. Let us know what you find. To do any further troubleshooting, you may have to take it apart and check a few things with a multimeter. Hope you are up for it....

I'd start by looking at the AM board

Block Image

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After checking further, on your advice, a headphone jack adapter was found plugged in. I have never used headphones with it, so I wasn't looking for any such device. Problem solved!


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