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Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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Can't identify Screw. A picture guide would be awesome!

Hey guys. I switched out my housing for a new one and didn't keep track of the screws.. My iPhone is back together but the screws are all in the wrong places... I did check out the guides on here and they have helped a lot by far from anything else I was able to find on the web. But I'm still not sure about a few things.

1. Threw out the entire phone, what screws are the Exact same.

2. Unable to identify what screws go where?

3. Im sure it's dangerous to put screws in wrong ares like stripping..

I'm nervous where all my screws are in my phone.. So I bought all new ones but I don't know which ones go where???

Please try and help me out I'm worried about the damage I may have caused... And is there a picture guide showing the each different screw and where it belongs. Thanks for everything in advance!

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Thanks for the advise bud! SoOoOo many screws I don't know what to do! Haha thanks for your help ;)


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by elimination

2 longest screws are for the outside to secure front assembly,

next i'd line up all the screws by size and length

6 short fat for display assembly (sides of screen which if you havent removed if only changing back)

6 full threaded screws for motherboard (+1 for camera clip)

1 longer for near or under do not remove

2 small for power button

2 tiny/small for vibrate

1 oddly shaped screw fits flipper on sim or.. (i forgot)(may be headphone jack or no 6)

3 small screws partial thread for volume

2 medium for connector6 and headphone jack

2 medium (similar to motherboard screws) for dock connector close to motherboard

2 smaller screws for dock connect (to connect to inside bezel)

i have never put the screws back exactly and sometimes leave them off, i have a pretty good idea but it's not important apart from under do not remove as this holds your battery contacts and the small screws for power switch that can make poor connection too.

take it easy ... if it doesnt fit don't put it in,

don't over tighten screws

sorry its not exact maybe someone knows more details/sizes

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+ very good ;-)


i might get round to actually checking i got it right..but haven't got the time at mo. it's just a guide... best of luck


good answer +


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