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How to fix the seventh generation of Honda's compact car.

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Error code P1457 on a 2002 Honda Civic?

Hi, I have an error code P1457 on a 2002 Honda Civic (1.7L engine). How do I resolve this? Thanks!

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I have the same problem with my 01' Civic EX. I changed the gas cap. Engine light Still on. I took off the purge solenoid, but it was still good, so i put it back on. I saw that my charcoal canister was looking dirty inside. That's my next option to change out. Most Honda's will give out that P1457 code and the purge control solenoid is the main problem. Still have more options to go thru to find this dam problem! Hope it's something simple like a dam sensor!


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@victoria_parker P1457 HONDA - Evaporative Emissions Control System Leakage EVAP Canister System. Could be caused by something simple like

Missing Fuel cap -

Incorrect fuel filler cap used

Fuel filler cap remains open or fails to close

Foreign matter caught in fuel filler cap

To more complicated things like

EVAP purge control solenoid

EVAP canister

Fuel tank pressure sensor

I'd start with a simple thing and that would be to replace the fuel cap. Let us know what you find

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Just to add one more to oldturkey good ans., check all evap hoses for loose/off and cracks. Good luck.


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I seriously think I bought a lemon a couple years ago cause I have been dealing with this problem for 2 years!!! Every 6 months or so I start smelling gas outside my car then about a month later the code pops up p1457 I have replaced the gas cap, the selinoid ,the canister ( I replaced the canister 4 times !!!!) it ends up turning the code off once I replace the canister but it fails every 6 months im at my wits end !!! Before I bought this car it was taken into a shop 8 times in 6 years for the same issue and the canister was replaced every single time! Nothing else is wrong with this vehicle , I've had it inspected twice , looked at by 5 different mechanics and its the same diagnosis- the bloody canister! AAARRGGGG!! My best advice is to NEVER BUY A 2002 HONDA. This vehicle alone has shaped my view of Honda and I will never buy another Honda again. Not to mention I also had to replace the transmission , timing belt , thermometer, alternator, a fan , and several sensors and I haven't even put 35 thousand miles on it since I bought it , its also left me broken down about 7 times. Im selling this car and buying a Toyota ! Anyway I bet its the canister I would honestly check that out first if you smell gas . I hope you have better luck than me !

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How full do you fill up the fuel tank?

It may be that if you "overfill" it or top it off that it overflows into the canister, causing it to degrade sooner.

Just a thought


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