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Loose wires from logicboard?

Well, I've had some problems of late.

I accidentally spilled milk all over my brand new (old, used) Macbook a1181. Well I went on eBay and bought another a1181, but sadly it has a different motherbaord.

I was already having trouble with the battery not charging and had hoped that the new logicboard would be a solution. Sadly that logicboard didn't have a PRAM battery for me to troubleshoot with.

Now the issue I'm currently facing: well I had to disassemble both machines down to the logicboard I wound up pulling two wires out of the black 'clip' that connects to the logicboard.

The 'clip' is still attached and I believe can be salvaged; my issue is how to find out which wire goes in which side of the 'clip'.

I've looked over the tutorials for the a1181 (both the CoreDuo, and Core2Duo which I have) and both show the same board, which does not show this connector.

The connector the 'clip' goes into is on the right side of the board, near where the fan/heatsink attaches.

If the board were a rectangle with a circle cut out of the top right corner this connector would be near the top right of the rightmost corner, or the bottom left of the circle that was cut out.

Next the the connector there are two numbers, z0907 & j2888 (I can take a picture for anyone eager to help).

This isn't the same a1181 board that has tutorials here on the site already, but a different edition. It has no PRAM battery if that helps, but at the moment I'm stumped.

I really want to get this fixed, but don't want to assemble the machine again to have it start up without the fan and overheat, or without proper grounding and short out. Any help you could provide would be much appreciated.

Thanks everybody!


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No PRAM battery sounds like a iBook logic board. Are there any part numbers on it? Frankly I would send the board back as not being as advertised. These things are hard enough to fix with the correct parts but with a part of unknown origin impossible.

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No, this is a white Macbook a1181. There were a vriety of boards used in this model, each having slight differences. My board was the later version that had no PRAM. This is not an iBook and there's no way to return a computer that is years old.


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