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An upgraded version of the Microsoft Surface, the Microsoft Surface Pro (1514) Laptop/Tablet hybrid is very difficult to open and repair without further breaking the device.

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Why isn't the LCD displaying anything after replacement?

I got a surface pro to fix which had a devastated LCD. I bought a new LCD and fixed it and I found that the screen is fine but the back light does not work. I ordered a new backlight cable for the LCD. With the thought that every things gonna be fine, I fixed it and connected it to the LCD and the motherboard but now neither backlight nor the display works . It's completely dark and nothing works at all. The tactical feedback from the home button works fine as it did earlier but I can't see anything on the screen at all, no backlight and no display. A friend told me that by removing the battery it might give me some results, but the SurFace pros battery is some hassle to remove all I did was disconnected the power cable, I don't know the technical term for it but it has the " 12 V" written over it, from the motherboard just to see and yet it still does not work. Did anyone ever face such an issue ? Could anyone tell me what mistake did I do other than taking the responsibility to fix this tablet/laptop hybrid ? Can anyone tell me if there's a work around or anything to just get the LCD in a working condition without buying a new one ? Your answer is appreciated , thanks in advance !

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Inspect the display cable (the one with 51 pins on it!) and it's connectors really well, if a connector's had a knock you may be able to see/feel if it's loose. inspect for dirt/grit/lint/glass inside them too. If the connection is happy you should be good to go, I had no such problem with mine. unplug the battery again, for an extended period of time, and after that leave the charger plugged in for a few hours (unless you can hear the machine is on) and try again.

It's interesting you said backlight cable, if you're talking about the thinnest cable to the back of the screen you may have made a mistake in buying that - its for the pen

If you meant the 51 pin stubby looking cable and you've already replaced that well you could be in real trouble :/

...unless you've been fooled into installing it upside-down! the pair of digitiser cables go pins-up in their connectors on the MB, this is unusual and may have easily thrown you off, the 51 pin cable goes pins-down on the MB

*shameless plug alert* replacement display and pen cables will be sold by myself on ebay soonish - message me if you want - they'll cost about half the going rate (for UK buyers)

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