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gray "dead zones" after replacing screen

My iPod touch suffered a cracked screen, which I replaced thanks to the help this site provided. However, there seems to be an issue. If I open any app, I can see a series of small rectangular semi-translucent gray boxes on the screen, in something of a T formation across the width at the top, and along the length down the center. I have further discovered that these seem to be dead zones as far as touch controls are concerned, even though the display is showing.

Any thoughts as to what might be going on?

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Try reconnecting the screen, and making sure there is no dust inside the connector (or the connector is bent).

Reconnect the old screen (if it was just cracked glass, working picture) to see if this is fine.

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if you put a new screen in, try to check to see if it was connected like it was before.

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