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GPS navigator released in May 2013. Equipped with top of the line features including free lifetime (iFixit users say that they only got updates for three years) map updates and traffic alerts.

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Why doesn't my GPS track my location?

When I begin to navigate, my starting address is incorrect.

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I have the same problem. My GPS does not know my address. I turn it on and it starts me out in a small town 18Kms West of where I live. How do I fix this problem???


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My suggestion is to do a factory reset to your GPS. This will allow you to start over as if it were new.

Either in the owners manual or in the built-in menu should be an option to do a factory reset.

Make sure you are in a clear area when you do this so that the GPS gets a clean signal to the satellites.

Once that's done re-enter your Home address into the HOME registry fields. After which then put in an address that you know close by let's say a couple miles away that you would like to visit as a test to make sure it is functioning properly. If it routes a direction that you know is good. Then it should be fine from there. If nothing happens then your units antenna is malfunctioned. If it's in warranty you can get it fixed through the manufacture, if not then maybe has the solution. You can verify routes using Google Maps against your GPS. (Note: not all GPS units work the same. Depends on the manufacturers mapping program and street data base). Good Luck.

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The Magellan gps uses an antenna to locate your destination and your location. This means you might need a new antenna. Before you skip all the way to replacing the part I suggest. Turning off the gps for about 15 seconds and then turning it on. Fixes most performance issues. When you turn it back on, find a clear area to make sure there is no interference. If the problem continues then you do need to replace the part.

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