HP's base model notebook PC for the Pavilion zv5000 series released in 2004. Capable of providing a cutting-edge gaming experience for mid-2000s media.

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Why can't I listen to music through my headphones?

The volume is all the way up on my laptop and music plays when the headphones are not plugged in to the port, but when I plug the headphones in, no music will play. How can I fix this problem?

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I would first check to see if the headphone jack is loose and try plugging it in all the way.

If that's not the problem I would next try to see if there is any debris in the jack and after cleaning that and it still doesn't work, I would then try replacing the headphone jack.

Hope this helps!!

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Hello, i usually use iphone headphone with my old hp laptop. i bought a new hp laptop and tried plugging my headphone in but it only plays on speaker still. please help

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Have you verified the headphones are in working order? Try them with another device to verify functionality.

Do the headphones have a volume control? If yes, is it set to a level that can be heard?

Last, but not least, are the headphones compatible with the device you are attempting to use them on?

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