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The Toshiba Satellite L305D-S5895 is a Laptop that was released by Toshiba in 2008.

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What happens if one of my keys is not working?

The rest of the keyboard is working fine, but one of my keys seems to be stuck in place.

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You can pop it off, by gently prying from underneath the key. There may be something underneath the key making it stuck. To put it back on, just line up the hinge to the clips on the underside of the key. Otherwise, just replace the keyboard, they cost about $10-20 , and they're easy to replace.

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First remove the key that isn't working and search for debris under where they key was. Next clean that spot thorough so thats their is nothing blocking the key from fitting in its respective spot and clean the key before replacing. If the key isn't the problem and it is still not working properly replace the keyboard or bring it to your local repair store.

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replace the keyboard

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