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Repair and disassembly information for Logitech's H800 wireless headset. Supports 2.4GHz & Bluetooth. Released in 2011. Model number: 981-000337.

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Logitec H800 won't work after fully charged, only works while charging

I am only able to use the LOGITEC H800 while charging the device. It will not work when unplugged from the charging point.

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It seems as though the battery in the headphones is failing to hold its' charge. Even rechargeable batteries have a life span.

Here is a link to a video that shows how to 'modify' the battery. This is not your problem BUT the video is handy as it shows how to access the battery in the headphones so that you can replace it. You only have to watch about the first 8:00 minutes to see how to get to the battery.

Here is a link to just one supplier of the battery for your headphones. There are more online. Just search for Logitech H800 Wireless Headset battery to get results that may suit you better.

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