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The Mac mini family was first introduced in January of 2005.

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How do I make the plastic rear-panel snap into the aluminium top?

(Mac mini generation 1 - 4; Early 2005 - Late 2009)

I have seen many Mac mins that have been opened. When people put back the top housing, they bent the rear plate so that the plastic no longer snaps into the aluminium top, leaving a small gap and a slightly bent plastic part.

Is there any chance to fix this and get back the original look?

Here is an image for comparison: the two Mac minis on top are fine, the other Mini has the gap I mean.

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Yeah, hate the gaposis thing.

The usual way to open a Mini is with a cheap, thin, plastic putty knife.

You flip the Mini upside down onto a clean soft surface. I use a corrugated plastic roadside sign.

After pressing the putty knife into the gap between the base and left and right sides, you should hear horrific cracking and popping.

And this is where the problem lies.

You are bending plastic clips to release their grab on the case.

Check the clips for signs of strain. Sometimes you can shield the innards of the Mini with cardboard and heat the clips, especially towards the back end, with a 1500 watt hair dryer.

After they are hot, shim them slightly outward with cardboard and let them cool.

Then reassemble. This fixes the gap about one in three times.

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+ Wow, you're quite the font of knowledge. I've never heard of the word gaposis before.


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