The Samsung Galaxy S4, model i9505, features a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 5-inch 1080p display.

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HELP. phone screen is black but I can still hear notifications

Help... so i was at school and i fell over and my bag was in my bag and i forgot about it then i went to go get it out and turn it on and it turned on but the screen didn't and i can still hear it when i get a notification just the screen is cracked and it wont turn on the display. What happened? How do i get it fixed? and how much would it cost

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Either get it fixed by a repair shop or DIY (Do It Yourself), probably costs around $100 USD for someone to repair.

Or get it repaired yourself which is fairly easy to do. You can find the screen with the matching model number on eBay. If you do decide to repair it yourself make sure you buy the correct model.

Here is the guide to replace the screen:

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display Assembly Replacement

Source: I repair these daily every weekend.

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When I woke up my phone was in a glitched state and didn't respond to my touch then it turned black and i could hear it when I turned it on or get a notification but I my screen was black. WHAT do I do.

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I'm sure you have already hard reset it but if not do that if that doesn't work take the screen off and it might have a busted ribbon or just bad connection of the ribbon but it sounds like it's

your digitizer and it won't cost more than 30 bucks if you do it yourself.

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Sorry but he did just say the screen is cracked. And if the LCD has no display it's almost certain that there is a crack on the LCD probably on one of the corners (not the top layer glass).

Digitizer is just the touch screen layer. It is not the glass. The digitizer is fused together with the LCD anyway so it needs to be replaced as a whole.

Busted ribbon or bad connection is not the cause.

TL:DR - This is not the solution


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