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Released in October of 2014. This model, SM-G530H/DV Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, comes in a White, Gray, or Gold casing.

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LCD Wont Work/Flashlight Turns On When Power Button Is Pressed

I have a customer that asked me to repair his screen. I ordered a screen and tore the phone apart like always. In doing so, I found the first part I originally ordered didn't function correctly. I returned that part and ordered from a new source. I didn't bother replacing the phones screen with the original broken one so I wrapped it in microfiber towel to keep from any contamination.

I've finally received the new part after a week of waiting. I plugged the LCD cable into the pins that it matched. I turned the phone on and it vibrated. That obviously indicates that it's still functioning. I waited for a moment or so and the LCD didn't light up. Keeping the battery in, I tried removing the ribbon cable from it's pin match-up and received a flash from the LCD with the Samsung logo for a moment. After that moment, it went black again.

After trying to re-seat the cable multiple times, I'm now greeted with the flashlight flicking on when I press the power button and I don't receive the "power-on" vibration anymore. I've checked the board and made sure everything is where it's to be. I've also re-screwed the board to the phone thinking it was a pressure problem. I was wrong.

I've been working with this phone for hours now and haven't found the problem. Any ideas, people? I need some help.


-Nathan K.

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Considering I have received no answers or opinions, I continued to look into it on my own.

I've come to the conclusion that the logic board in the phone was the problem. I ordered a phone with a broken LCD and stole the board out of that. The phone returned to working order once everything was swapped out.

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how important ribbon connector to Samsung galaxy grand prime function because I plan to buy a samsunggalaxy grand prime but it has no ribbon connector..i hope to hear from you soon thanks


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bro amar samsung g531h home+powar+ recovary powar on ho but powar baton not open

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sir i have micromax canvas mobile i checked all pcb signals but when i go to micromax mobile power on it not working power on only just a few second back flash light is on and off but no power on mobile

pls give me any information about my micromax mobile canvas

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