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Fahrenheit FHT 125PRMR flatiron uses heat to straighten hair between two ceramic plates. The device can be used to straighten, curl, or wave flip your hair.

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Why is my fahrenheit flat iron not heating up?

One of the heating pads on my Fahrenheit Flat Iron is not heating up. I have plugged it in to several different outlets to make sure it wasn't the outlet that was causing the problem. How could I fix this problem without having to replace the whole unit?

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Using one of those working outlets, please take notice of whether on not the green and red LEDs are light when the device is powered on. If the lights are on when the device is powered on then the issue likely lies with the internal cabling or the heating pad. If the lights are not turned on when the device is powered on then the issue is likely with the power cable or the motherboard.

Please use the following link to properly troubleshoot any of the above issues.

Fahrenheit FHT 125PRMR Troubleshooting

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plug it up and plug it out then just do the  keep doing it about 5 times

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Omg thank you so much. My straightener would not heat up then I tried your method and it worked!


I'm have a similar problem when I plug it in and turn on the temperature continues to go to 022f it won't get hot at all does anyone have any advice please ...thank you


Hi i have a digital display for my temperature on a silver bullet fd200 and the temperature goes up but doesn't stay it goes back to 000°c. So i turn temperature up to 220°c then it flashes and goes back to 000°c. What could the problem be?


This worked on the third time 😍👏🏾 thank you so much. I probably didn't need to throw out my hot comb this method could of worked 🥴


My straightener will turn on. It’s digital , and it shows on the screen that my temp is going up and down. My only issue is that it won’t heat up. Sometimes when I plug it up, it’ll mysteriously heat up but most the time it doesn’t. What can I do?


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here are few steps which i was tried and got my straightener fixed you can also try these to fix yours

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T3 Hair Straightener Not Heating UP.

Here a few possible solutions that you should try to fix your T3 straightener.

  1. factory reset straightener
  2. ensure the screen is locked
  3. and straightener plugged correctly into power source
  4. check your power source working correctly

here you can read more details to fix T3.

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