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Sharp Power Supply Schematics

I have a Sharp LC-40LB700X LED television with a failed power supply board. Second hand are about $200, new is $350. So I want to attempt to repair by tracking down and replacing the faulty component.

Where could I find some schematics to help me track down the fault?

The board part number is RUNTKA623W.

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Chinese mafia and Us Money have created a mafia ,monopolising the repair or so called Recycle procedures, the end result is that large and one serious company like Sharp and others ,sale their products imn the UNITED STATES ,GET THEIR MONEY BUT THEY DO NO T PROVIDE BASIC INFORMATION FOR THE PRODUCT SOLD SUCH AS THE ELECTRICA OR MECHANICAL DIAGRAMS AND INFO THAT COUL HEL THE CUSTOMER IN CASE OF PRODUCT FAILURE . I recently purchased one Sharp LQ10DH11 LCD Screen from an America Suppliers !the screen was faulty and I requested my money back, zip never gut my money back as guaranteed , to make up for the faulty screen, they ship 2 extra screens , they ware useless like the fist one. I am thinking how many more idiots like miself, pay from $ 200,00 to $1200,00 US. Dollars per Item and we get robbed The name of the company is, The name of the contact is Mike, HE NEVER ANSWERS! Mi name is Vicente Serrano ( I Contacted Sharp but no answer,)


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If the worst comes to worst here is a link to the service manual for your TV. Unfortunately is costs $8.99 to get it.

Scroll down to find your model.

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Fantastic and spot on. Thankyou for a quick response.


They were great manuals. Unfortunately no detail for the power unit. Just states to replace the power unit.


I found this when doing a search of your model etc... and there's some actual schematics you can download but i don't have the device in front of me for the specific p/n's to search for exactly what you're seeking so here's where i got in my searching, hopefully you can find it from there!


Hi @st3p ,

Does the manual give some sort of flow chart description for voltage checks on certain points on other boards? If so it may be of some help in determining which voltage rail has been affected. Just a thought



The website didn't have my model or the PSU.

There are no flow charts or schematics.

The manual and board are marked with the output voltages. I'm going to have to work with those. I just don't want to spend my time fixing it if the time spent fixing it costs as much as a new TV.

I'm also dead against throwing out a 6 year old television that has one minor fault.


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