Tablet stays on for 10 minutes then powers off


This tablet powers down after being on for about 10 minutes. If I unplug the battery and plugged it back in then it will stay on for about 10 minutes then power off again. Won't turn on unless I unplug the battery then plug it back in. I put in a new battery and it performed the same thing. I also replaced the motherboard and it still does it. The first thing I replaced was the micro usb port. None of these things resolved the issue. Any suggestions? No apparent cause of the issue.

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Hi, What happens if you leave it connected to a switched on charger? Does it stay on?

With new motherboard was it stock ROM or did you load your backup from the old board onto it?


It was stock ROM. I did not load anything. It still dies even if I connect it to the charger. I'm really confused by the issue. Thanks for looking into it


Hi, My thinking is now that by removing/replacing the battery you are simulating a start condition. Perhaps there is a problem with the Power button. It may be intermittently going s/c which would cause the tablet to shutdown (like a prolonged press). If it stayed s/c (short circuit) then perhaps that is why it doesn't start. That last part doesn't sound right but try disconnecting the power button after it has started and see if it shuts down or not.


I disconnected the power/volume then plugged it back in. It now seems to stay on fairly well but it will not charge. When I plug in the power cord it displays an X through the battery icon. I also replaced the battery again as I thought that might be the issue but no luck. It makes me think that I should reinstall the previous motherboard which most likely was not bad.


Hi, Was the 'new' motherboard a known working one? You may as well try the old board and see if it displays the same symptoms as the 'new' with the power/volume disconnected. just check the other connections again in case that is the problem and not the power/volume connection. Seems strange that the power button removed should indicate missing battery. Perhaps there are more functions to the button. Haven't seen it but is it a large cable to the button assembly. I mean does it have more then say 5-6 wires. I'm thinking 3 for the vol up/down and 2 for the power. Any more than that may mean that the power button has more functions.


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