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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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Can you mail parts to spain?

I need to replace the battery on my iPod 3rd gen touch 32 gb. I live in Spain I am worried the parts won't get through customs. Anyone have any experience?

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well customs are a good point.

if there is anything mentioned about apple on the invoice - they can and will seize the battery.

another thing is the shipping time and the shipping costs from the us to spain - if you wait a month, it's almost cheap - if not, you will pay horrible shipping costs to get the battery fast.

to get around the customs problem - buy within europe!

the battery costs around the same as in the us - but mostly with the sipping costs included.

check ebay in germany, the uk, italy france and so on. it's easier and you will have no customs trouble at all.

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Hi Sunshine. I agree with Markus. Even though I'd like to support this site by placing my order here, because of shipping and costums, I decided to order a battery form UK ( I can not say anything about that shop in general, but in my case they were quick and the price was fine.


+ very good answer


agreed-good answer +


ups, I gave a wrong address. Should have been


Hmmm. The ifixit people say they have shipped to Spain. I asked specifically about customs and they said:

"We have not had any issues with Spain, so I think you will be fine."


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