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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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Fuse rating for PS4 Blu-ray drive logic board (BDP-010)

I need to find out the fuse ratings for the 3 fuses (specifically F201) located on the PS4 Blu-ray drive logic board (BDP-010).

Fuse F201 has blown and need to replace it.

Many thanks.

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Not sure if it helps, but rather than doing the crazy thing and bridging it, (and without having a clue what ratings they are) I replaced the dead fuse with one I stole from a 3DSXL motherboard. It was tricky to solder as it was slightly too long to meet the solder pads properly but I managed it. Sure enough the PS4 I bought that refused to accept discs into the drive now works perfectly again! I know this is not quite ideal but it sure is safer than just bridging it.

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Thanks for your reply.

I ended up bringing up the data sheet for the system motor driver IC (BD7763EFV). The fuse (F201) is connected to the input lines for the sled motor & spindle driver power supply. The spindle driver line can spike up to 3.5A when it starts up so I went with a 4A slow blow fuse and this worked!


@angrybeaver Where did you buy the fuse?


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