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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Air seeping into side of LCD after loca repair

Hey everyone.

I've recently tried repairing a cracked iPhone 6 screen by only removing the glass and glueing new glass on with loca glue. After putting the clean LCD in a special mold for glueing and applied some loca glue in a bone shaped form and putting on the glass, I hardened the glue with a little up flashlight. I thought it had hardened completely, so I put the frame on and assembled everything back together. Now, one day later, I noticed air seeping back into between the glass and LCD from the sides, so apparently the glue still hasn't hardened completely. It looks like I pushed out the remaining glue too hard, and now it's sucking air back in because of that.

I'd like to do this better next time, so I was wondering what the reason for this is. Maybe the glue was of a too cheap quality? Or should I have used one of these nail polish drying lamps (which are much stronger than a little us flashlight)?

What type of loca can you guys recommend?

I'd appreciate help a lot,


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2 Antwoorden

LOCA is a horrible way to repair screens. I don't recommend using it every. Never use LOCA. Loca is garbage.

As to why your glue didn't dry, you have to use a UV light that operates at the same wavelength as the glue. Each glue is rated for a certain NM and every UV light operates at a certain NM. No bulb is stronger than any other bulb and brightness has nothing to do with the glue drying.

In case I wasn't clear: LOCA sucks.

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Thanks for that, I'll do some research on the wavelenghts. I know that it's horrible, but I'm not planning on buying 800$ machinery anytime in the future just to use OCA, thats why I'm trying to perfect my knowledge on LOCA. Anyways, so you think It wasn't dry completely yet and thats why air could get into the sides? Maybe I should switch to a different type of LOCA...


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Just replace the assembly next time. They aren't expensive at all. And super easy.

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