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Bluetooth capable, waterproof, and shock resistant speaker released in March 2015. The Braven BRV-HD is identified by the model number BRVHDBG.

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Why won’t my speaker’s bluetooth pair with my mobile device?

I cannot seem to get my phone to pair with the speaker! I know that the bluetooth on my phone is on. Does anybody know if there is something else I need to do in order for them to pair.

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Did u get a phone is version car is 2015


I'm inclined to think it is UNLIKELY that your phone is not compatible with the speaker's bluetooth...

I havent seen one in years specially for modern speakers and modern smartphones (within the past 3 years) .

Try pairing a different phone model. Some speakers take a while to connect, read the instruction manual, some details can easily be overlooked i.e. long pressing a certain button instead of just pressing them etc.

see if that helps...


Both Samsung and Hyundai say the phone is not compatible. Pairing OK with Samsung S5. phone is just new out in Australia..July 2017.


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First, make sure your Bluetooth is turned on for both the Braven BRV-HD speaker and for the external device. It is also important to make sure that no other device is already paired with the speaker. If the device is still not pairing, your device may not be compatible with the speaker. For more information, please reference our troubleshooting guide.

Braven BRV-HD Troubleshooting

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