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Reparatiehandleidingen en ondersteuning voor GE digital camera's, geproduceerd door General Imaging en verkocht onder de merknaam General Electric.

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lense stuck in out position & wouldn' take pix. (new batteries)

GE W1000 lense stuck in out position

wouldn't take pix.

ready light does glow

new batteries

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rjaldridge1946 appears to be a stuck lens caused by a bad motor or it is of the guides. You can try to use some of the instructions on here. Most of the time it does however require a new lens. If you let us know what exact camera you have we can try and help you out further. W1000 does not mean anything:-)

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looking at gen. elect. camera front face "10.1 megapixel -w1000"

but still no luck with fixing camera

lense doesn't retract

will not take picture

signal light flashes on then goes off when power button is depressed

camera & ubs chord has always been carried inside a plastic

bag placed inside a small, stiff camera bag


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