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Samsung Galaxy smartphone featuring a large display , and large font size.

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phone won't turn on

my phone's screen went all black but it was still on so I disassembled it and put the wire back the screen was back but with no sound so I disassembled it again and paid more attention to the speaker wire when done the phone won't turn on at all but when charging the battery logo appears (excuse my English I know it sucks ) what should I do now ?

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Check the power button, it plugs in via ribbon cable into a slot connector that has a locking mechanism. Maybe it isn't connected in fully.

This is what the power button ribbon cable / flex looks like:

Block Image

If it comes to worse, could be the socket / pins of the power ribbon cable socket damaged.

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@benjamen50 the problem was not with the ribbon cable . do you know how can I fix it if the socket is damaged and thanks for your answer


Can you take a picture of the socket that connects the power button on the logic board?

If you can, upload that picture to a image hosting site like imgur and post a image shared link here (You can also choose to upload it here when editing your post under attachment).

If the socket was damaged to the point where some pins are bent, resoldering them is most likely required to get it to contact properly with the power button ribbon / flex cable.

If the retention clip (if that is the correct word) is missing then it will not contact properly unless it is there and clipped in.


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Hello I have a problem I hope to find a solution for it Maeve can fix the back button and the options button I don't know the reason for the stop that happened to them knowing that the screen of the device is working perfectly

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