Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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screen has cracked not sure if it's not the LCD

Hi guys my iPad Air 2 screen has cracked how can I be sure it's not the LCD aswell it seems to work fine and recognises the right place when I touch the screen it's Been like it for a while now but today's it keeps doing random things and I need to get it fixed I am looking to do it myself as I've fixed many phones but I don't want to spend a lot of money on a LCD when if it's just the screen it's very cheap can someone advise me please

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This is not a problem, they are laminated together so you always have to replace both. No point trying to save money here.

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First I thought the light film in between LCD and digitizer then when you said it's acting up, now maybe the whole LCD assembly need to be changed. But it's a fairly expensive unit, I would get pro help.

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If the display is working I'm sure the LCD is fine. I just started repairing iPads and they are ok to do if you take your time.

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To make it clear it's the digitizer / glass that needs to be replaced not the LCD. If it's touching random stuff it is because the digitizer layer of the touch screen glass has become damaged.

Not sure if kapton / yellow tape is required for iPad Air 2 to shield the digitizer border from the LCD / home button area.


The LCD and Digitizer are also fused on the ipad air 2. You have to replace both.


Correct. And the OP can sell the used LCD to recoup some of the cost of the part.


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Hi Jamie

By appearance a Cracked LCD is really different from a cracked touch screen digitizer . A cracked LCD will show either vertical lines, either vertical lines + a left or right part white, either a black part without image....

So if you LCD shows the image correctly, it's only your touch screen.


As reported above, things became more complicated since the Ipad Air 2 model. (I suppose the same for the Ipad Pro). With the Ipad air 2 the LCD and the touch screen are glued together . Before the LCD was screwed down on the frame so that there was no special risk to spoil it when disassembling the Touch Screen. (A special mention must be done to the terrible Ipad mini series !)

So now, considering that your LCD is OK, here are the dangers that you will have to do face when disassembling your Ipad

1) Removing the touch screen of an Ipad Air 2 is very trick and risky for the LCD as the left & right side are extremely narrow (compared to Ipad 3 &4 versions) and assuming what I said above about the LCD, if you make a bad move and go a bit further with your "I-sesamo" type tool, you will be done! Your LCD will be dead.

2) In the case you succeed removing your broken touch screen without damaging the LCD the most difficult part of the job awaits you. You will have to dissemble the LCD to the touch screen. Very tricky too. And you will need a 12-14 "vacuum pump (more than 100 €) and even with it, the result is not guaranteed

3) Assuming you passed also this stage, don't forget to transfer from the former touch screen all the elements you need to enable the fingerprint function working with your newly installed touch screen.

Here is a good video of what has to be done and the guy is a professional.

Honestly, I had one pad air 2 to repair for this purpose, and I failed in the first stage. So I bought on a well know Chinese site an already assembled touch screen-LCD pack . It costed me only 56€. Finally the easiest method. I finally succeeded to repair the I device and keeping it all the original functions, and the "customer" was happy. But I spent almost 3 work hours .

OK, they also sell separate touch screen for only 20€. But for a difference of 35-40€ I don't see why to try to complicate that much your life. And remember: even with buying a complete pack, the 3rd parts of the job (reset button/ fingerprints ability) requires time and ability.

My final advice: Buy a complete set from the Chinese mentioned site if you can wait almost 30 days before the delivery (believe me: the quality of the product was very good). remove quietly your touch screen (keep it apart to complete the 3rd task as described above) and if you succeed to disassemble the touch screen & LCD ( without a special machine I don't know how), , Nice! You will have a worthy Ipad Air 2 LCD you will keep with you in case of, or you will sell to Ebay.

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