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anyone used OCA machines?


I'm interested in going ahead to refurbish iphone screens, but using the LOCA method isn't quite great, as some of the glue can get into the backlight. And even trying to solder a new one in and cleaning off the back before applying, the results, are not fantastic.

So I want to go down the OCA route.

What I think I need are the following:

Small machine to roll the OCA sheet onto the lcd.

Then a laminator which compresses the glass onto the lcd

then if needs, an autoclave to remove any bubbles.

I found this on DH Gate:|958379203

And it says no need for removing bubbles.

Just wondering if anyone here knows exactly what I need.


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@prorepairtexas right now it does look like that. What you want to do, is to refer the OP to check your page here and to contact you according to the information left on that page. The moment you are referring anyone to either your website or even your business email you are running the risk of getting marked for spam. We are very consciencetous with that is on this site.


so what should i do. you can check his question. that what he really need.

but like you said, i am fine with not refer my business. but the things is, it's depend on what the question we have here and what is your background knowledge. i am focusing on refurbishing LCD. so all my answer will be about refurbishing. isn't all relate to parts and machine that you use? for example if someone ask about where they can get good machine good parts and if ifixit website doesn't sell it. and you know someone. what will you do? refurbishing is all about good quality parts and machine. like i said, i am ok with never use my website. i can even change my name from prorepairtexas to something else. but what i understand is you can promote your stuff on your profile. i need your suggestion. you know that if you are in refurbishing business. all machine came with only the letter that you can't understand. we been in a very hard situation for many years. so i decide to share with what i have and what i know. thank you


plus i just start create my profile and account just today


@prorepairtexas I know what you are saying. I get it. I do not think that you are spamming. I would answer a person looking for parts or machines that are not offered by ifixit by saying. "Check my site on here and contact me for more information about part or machine xyz" Place a way to contact you on that site. Email address etc. is okay on that part. It is not okay to do that right here on Answers. See we know you are not spamming, but we have had lots of people spam before and we do want to avoid that on this site.

The other thing you should do is to join the iFixit Pro part of iFixit. that is where the Pro's hang out vs. the mere volunteers on here. iFixit offers plenty of benefits for the Pro's


i can even out of this ifixit website if you all think this is spam.

too funny. irobot killer should give people advice first before he messed up.


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If you want to refurbish screens, OCA is 100x better than LOCA. In terms of big machinery, you will need;

  • OCA applier (rolls OCA on the LCD)
  • Laminator (presses glass to LCD)
  • Autoclave (removes bubbles)
  • Cleanroom bench (minimise dust)
  • Hot plate (evenly heat screens when splitting)
  • (Optional) bezel fitting machine (can do this by hand, but the machines usually work really well, give it a nice fit)
  • (Optional) splitting machine (not really needed if you do it by hand)
  • Phones/tester machines (for testing completed screens. Preferably use phones which are more accurate, and get the screen extension pieces, so you are not plugging directly into phone and the connectors last longer)

You can get the laminator and autoclave as one machine, to save on costs.


  • Glass (get original if possible, so you get iPhone glass with the oleophobic coating, and with the curve on the edge of the glass for iPhone 6 onwards)
  • Bezels (for iPhone, get original with clear heat activated glue. Ones with 3m tape will definitely not hold the glass long enough. Get clear glue, other stuff is old and glass will lift over time)
  • Backlights (no matter how good you are, you will get cleaner leak into this every now and then)
  • Glue Cleaner (TIM cleaner is good stuff)
  • OCA (get stuff with the peelable edge and packaging like this, other stuff will not be as good. Store in a not too hot area
  • Thin wire (can get thin wire with handles from China. This usually snaps after a while)
  • Phone test extension pieces (connectors wear out over time)
  • Molds (for lining glass to LCD, will need for all models and you may need to replace over time)
  • Earpiece meshes (if selling/refurbishing for others)

Probably forgotten something (don't do this anymore), but hope this helps :)

It will be a learning process, and even though you have all this stuff, it will not work 100% till you get the adjustments right and tune the process.

Personal preference, don't refurbish copy screens. Usually there will be no issues, but copy screens have a higher rate of coming back than original screens. Not worth the hassle IMO, remember you are giving broken screens a new life (which have been knocked, dropped and god knows what else), so the screens have been through a lot :D

If you are refurbishing screens for repairs, go for it if you have a high volume. If you are looking to refurbish screens for repair shops or to sell (on eBay for example), think hard before you spend all that money. The market is extremely competitive, it will take a while to make back your money since more companies are doing this now and screen prices are not as high as they were a year ago. It can also be time consuming getting the process sorted (buying screens, refurbishing, testing selling screens, etc) and with this iPhone business, you typically have to deal with a higher volume of customers than a higher value repair market, to get a decent profit (so you will need at least you and 1/2 others to run this well).

Just my 2 cents, hope this helps. Once you get an assembly line of good workers running, it will be good. Refurbishing Sony Xperia screens is a good market not a lot of people get into (can buy the screens for less because of this), might be worth looking into these too :)

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Thanks very much.

I actually went out and bought 12" laminator/autoclave combination second hand. So see how I get on with it.

I have several screens to practice on to tweak settings. If I can nail it, then I will look into other bits of kit which you mentioned, like the frame press.

Thanks for the advice on types of glass too, I'll keep an eye out for that.

Very informative answer, thanks very much!!!!!


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