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How can I find an LCD panel for my 50n7000u. Smart tv

My daughter hit my 50 inch sharp tv with an plastic bat and cracked the screen in that one spot. Were can i find another screen or fix the one i have

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Ok i took the tv apart and got the numbers on the back of the tv. So how do i even attempt to look for the led screen i got one code for lt_1155331a


S/n 506161531h01390

And this sticker that says hisense b1

Any help at all would be grateful


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Donovan Burton you cannot fix a broken LCD scrren. the only way to repair the damage is by replacing it. Here comes the bad part. Those panels are absolutely not easy to find. you will have to take a look at the back of the panel and get the manucfacturers number of that. There are usually multiple different versinos out there. with that number you could try a online search. A repalcmemnent panel, if even found, in most cases is more expensive than a nerw TV. Shipping will also be an absolute nightmare.

I suggest that you try and purchase the same model TV that is broken in other ways than the LCD. Then see if you can harvest the screen from that.

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