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The Mac Pro First Generation is an Intel Xeon-based workstation computer manufactured by Apple Inc. The first generation model includes the machines from 2006 through 2008.

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Replacement for 2TB HDD Hitachi HDS722020ALA330


I have a 2010 Mac pro machine with two 2TB HDD Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 which have to be replaced. What kind of hd do you recommend me to replacement the old ones. I am not a computer genius as you are and need your help.

Thanks a lot.


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I would put in one sdd of 512gb and one normal hdd of 4tb.

Now you have the speed for your osx and the storage for your data

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Excellent answer and exactly what I did using an OWC drive sled. Tried a 256 GB drive first but have gotten used to the greater storage on the MacPros and moved to a 512GB I used a


I agree the best bang for the Buck!

Just be careful on what HD and SSD you put in these older systems. As they only have a SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) drive interface, so what ever you put in make sure it supports this SATA I/O speed (review the drives spec sheet).


Thank you very much guys. My second HD works as a mirror which I keep as a backup data. So i need two hd work the same way.

One of them is 2TB HDD Hitachi HDS722020ALA330

the second one is WDC WD20EARS-00MVWB0


You should use the exact same drive for the mate drive in a mirrored drive setup.

If you don't there are some issues! As an example you have a 1 TB drive and a 750 GB drive mirrored. Then only 750 GB of space will be available on the 1TG as it needs to be a match the smaller drive. You can also get into copy errors as unmatched drives can have different track & cylinder layouts and/or the speed of the drives can fight as one will always fall behind!

Don't get me wrong I love mirrored drive sets! I only do them in a matched pair!


Even still I would setup a third drive (SSD) as your OS drive


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