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Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by ALCATEL.

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Why is only half of the screen working?

myphones works now but only half of the screen works with my fringer (touch)

the other half does not

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You say my phone works "now". Wasn't it working before? What if anything has happened to it before this problem started? Also what is the exact model number of your phone? There are a lot of Alcatel One Touch models.


pixi 3 and yes the phones was broken but it is fixed just the phone dose not just the phones dose not intract with my touch


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sounds like it may need a screen change but a phone like that i dont know if the part will be cheap to get it and install, may be just easier to replace the handset

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i have no screen cause it got craked i just have screen protecter over the phone


it is a pixi 3.5


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