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I Have a vertical black line on my screen

Samsung Plasma... PS50A750T1FXRD Version SY01

I have a vertical black line on my tv screen that appeared from no where. I have tried unplugging my tv over night but this has not worked.

Any suggestions to fix this problem please..


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@newplymouth "a vertical black line" a single pixel wide and running all the way from top to bottom can be caused a bad PDP panel (Driver IC) NG or errors on the D board, or more common C board. You will have to take a closer look at your boards.

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Warren, Samsung plasma,vertical black line on my screen. Check the attached links, hope they help in diagnosing your issue.

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These may either be burnt or stuck pixels.

There are many methods of removing stuck pixels on the internet. Choose the one that best suits your purposes (ie using a program, repeatedly playing a video, etc)

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